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Tonight! Pari∀h + (Orb) @ Company Brewing

  • Company Brewing 735 East Center Street Milwaukee, WI, 53212 United States (map)

All info taken from this Facebook event page.

pari∀h, Miami absurdist art-rock trio, have a mission to disorient and elucidate. The band, rooted in Chris Dougnac’s hyper-composed, synth-dipped pop treats and detailed recontextualized ephemera, works to transport the listener to a complex metaphysical reality. Pari∀h’s debut LP, Passed Lives’ Excessive Future, on Moniker Records introduces us to their humor and youthful vigor as they unearth the altered history of the Passed Lives’ Excessive Futures Foundation – a time before Heaven's Gate took the f-u-n out of community function and ruined salvation for a generation. 1986. A reverberating, cataclysmic year. The world watched and gasped as Chernobyl exploded and the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated seventy-three seconds post-launch, killing all seven astronauts on boards. And the world found wonder as the Rutan Voyager made the first continuous non-stop flight around the world without refueling. And, in a remote corner of rehabilitation and redemption, a young runner we now refer to as Passed Lives made us believe that maybe second chances aren’t reserved for crucified messiahs and reunion rock reconnoiterers, but for anyone willing to take up their pair of running shoes and follow. Pari∀h is out for big game, and they’re willing to take on recruits for their odyssey through a wild, untamed rendering of these American United States in this Year of our Excessive Future 2016.

Passed Lives’ Excessive Future LP is out August 26 via Moniker Records. Listen to “Humiliated and Insulted” below: