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Low Down Sound w/ Rocket Paloma & Faux Fiction @ Cactus Club

  • Cactus Club 2496 S Wentworth Ave Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207 (map)

Low Down Sound

The ever expanding music of Low Down Sound is a sweet cocktail of American rock and roll, southern soul and blues, with a few dashes of funk. Their recently released debut EP Ride into the Sun takes the listener on a musical motorcycle ride through space and time while launching you headfirst into the heart of our solar system! They didn't hold anything back on this record and they don't hold back live either. Every time they hit the stage they bring a new life and energy to their songs, leaving most LDS shows ending in a psychedelic sweat-drenched dance party!

At the heart of the band is a trio of brothers, Brad-guitar & vocals, Greg-lead guitar, and Eric-keyboards & harmonica. Having played music together for most of their lives, they have developed a deep musical connection and devotion to their sound. After years of searching for the right musicians to complete their sound, bassist Ryan Blundon and drummer Shane McGuinness came along to complete the rhythm section. With the most recent addition of vocalist Shelly Schauer, this group's unforgettable vocal harmonies soar higher than ever!

"Low Down Sound has some hippie-dippie vibes, and Ride Into the Sun made me feel like I was in That 70s Show. This EP has the perfect jams to chill out in your parents’ basement and drink some Schlitz (and maybe partake in a certain illegal activity) with your friends in a nondescript Wisconsin town."
-Maggie Iken

"Ride Into The Sun, is a five-song sampling of American-made classic rock that’s unapologetically tied together with the ideals of freedom and a nomadic exploration of the wild west (preferably whilst perched atop a motorcycle)."
-Tyler Maas

Rocket Paloma is comprised of four core members, Joanna Kerner, Jon Blohm, Bob Schaab and Jack Beyler. Kerner is a local singer-songwriter and theater artist. She has contributed to many local theatrical productions as a songwriter or musician/actor. Kerner calls the music she writes for Rocket Paloma “story songs”, as every song tells a specific story and therefore takes on a different and unique feel. Her writing is influenced by many genres, including, folk, rock ’n’ roll, punk, jazz and indie. In order to capture each unique tale, Kerner has joined forces with musicians from a variety of backgrounds. John Blohm comes from a metal/rock background, and contributes smooth, driving bass lines to all of Rocket Paloma’s songs. Blohm has previously performed in the band, Tastes Like Red. He also currently runs the soundboard for the growing Milwaukee music faction, Sofar Sounds, which can be found on YouTube. On the drums, Bob Schaab crafts exciting and creative drum beats, and each tune is sure to get everyone’s toe’s tapping. Schaab lends his dynamic drum skills to many bands, including The Directionals, Vedic Eden and The Sugar Stems, and Rocket Paloma is lucky to have him! Jack Beyler plays lead guitar and hails from a classical background and also plays in Bo Triplex, a funk soul band. His creative and imaginative riffs round out all the songs, resulting in an assault on the senses that is philosophical, sassy and peppered with profanity. Rocket Paloma packs a musical punch that will send you right out of this world! Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Faux Fiction
The Milwaukee music scene is both vibrant and diverse, and alternative rock band Faux Fiction certainly fits the bill. The brainchild of husband and wife duo, Jason and Gabriella Kartz, the band was created with hopes of putting out rhythmically driven, deeply fuzzy riffs paired with glossy female vocals. The idea really came to fruition after the pair met drummer Paul Tyree in July of 2014. The trio spent a few months jamming in a tiny basement before rounding out the final sound with bassist Peter Hair, a former band mate of Paul’s. With a solid foundation now in place, Faux Fiction began performing around the Milwaukee area in January of 2015, quickly garnering the attention of local music lovers with their energetic, “wall of sound” performances. Faux Fiction released their self-produced, self-titled EP in June of 2015, and it has since been featured on several radio stations (91.7 WSUM, 105.7 WAPL, 102.1 WLUM, and The Great Unknown) and music-focused podcasts (Lost on Radio - UK and Alt & Indie Rock with Drop D - Australia). The EP is sure to please a myriad of music tastes, as it draws influences from many genres including desert rock, shoegaze, garage rock, and 90s alternative. Although Faux Fiction may be a newer set of faces in the broader music scene outside of Wisconsin, their seasoned performances and heavy-hitting rock anthems are sure to leave a lasting impression and a satisfied sonic palate.