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Au Revoir / Atsuko Chiba (Montreal) / Dismantle / Downer @ Quarters

  • Quarter's Rock and Roll Palace 900 E Center St Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212 (map)

Two post-rock giants are rolling through MKE. Au Revoir is back again for a long ass tour on a new record ("Veles"), and Atsuko Chiba is joining 'em from for a bit. If you remember correctly, last time was a blast and included a gnarly cover of Good Charlotte's "The Anthem".

Au Revoir (New Jersey)
"Veles, the new four-track, thirty-eight minute album recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, represents the first time Au Revoir utilized a professional studio to replicate their massive live sound. Veles, unlike Black Hills or In The Key Of Night, is a pummeling, ominous, and fitfully heavy collaboration between Au Revoir’s five members in search of something larger than themselves. Introducing harsh vocals back into their repertoire, a recurring theme of escapist dreams appears—a theme that coheres with their upcoming split with me."

Atsuko Chiba (Montreal)
"The band’s music features heavy effect processing and ambient electronics, within a melodic and rhythmic framework. “Cinematic” is a term often bandied about, especially with instrumental music, but theirs certainly deserves the description, with tunes comparable to everything from small indie films to Marvel superhero epics. Their live performances actually combine music and film to create immersive sensorial environments."

Dismantle -

Downer - new Milwaukee band
FFO- hum, failure, the melvins

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016
8:00 pm