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The Blue Mooners / The Rockbirds from Rockford / DJ Star Sara @ Company Brewing

  • Company Brewing 735 E Center St Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212 (map)

Please join us in welcoming The Blue Mooners for their first-ever show in Southeastern Wisconsin as they celebrate the release of their new album, "Wildwood."

The Blue Mooners were formed during the long, harsh Packers offseason of 2014. Beginning as an escape from the sub-zero wind chill and the sting of a Wild Card loss", brothers Spud and Jake Butler were joined by family friend Butch Vegan in their basement studio to celebrate with song the finer things in life: the great outdoors, soda, and the human posterior. Also featuring vocal contributions from June Bug Stewart, Hard Rock Billy Stick, and Andi Action, the band has now grown into a live ensemble featuringJimmy Wyalusing and “Birch” Bark. "Wildwood," the follow-up to their eponymous debut, finds The Blue Mooners wandering further north; chasing the greener, stranger country that can be found up there.

Please join us in welcoming back the venerated Rockbirds from Rockford (Rockford, IL) for their record-setting 666th show in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

From Roger McGuinn's 2015 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech: "Rockbirds ROCK! Catch the newly reunited avian heroes as they prey on the young and helpless, channeling the spirits of the ROCK GODS! Shredding remorselessly on all of your favorite classic rock instruments, Rockbird talons will surely ignite in flame, not unlike a Phoenix rising from the ashes of whence it resided. After party in the Allen-Bradley clock tower roost!"

Please join us in welcoming DJ Star Sara, your favorite Full Moon Karaoke and Variety Show co-host, spinning country from any country and beyond.