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Milwaukee Fringe Festival 2016

  • Pere Marquette Park Milwaukee, WI (map)


On August 27th and 28th, MKE Fringe will take place in downtown Milwaukee. Following the rich tradition of Fringe Festivals, the Milwaukee Fringe Festival is a showcase of a diverse collection of artists that call Milwaukee home. From theatrical actors to painters, musicians to tap dancers, performance artists to playwrights, MKE Fringe is a joyous celebration of what makes Milwaukee’s culture vibrant and extraordinary.

Although Fringe Festivals are commonly known to feature work in unconventional venues, MKE Fringe has had the good fortune of securing a partnership with Marcus Center For The Performing Arts, and will be able to put on high production-value shows in their world-class venues. Additionally, performances and exhibitions will be featured in Pere Marquette Park and along the Milwaukee RiverWalk. Outdoor events will be open to the public, while tickets will be available for indoor events in order to support the performers.

Performing Arts Lineup:
Todd Wehr Hall- Saturday, August 27

12pm- Wisconsin Hybrid Theater //// Chad M. Piechocki– Saint Valentine II: An Etymology of Love

2pm- Distance Dances– Cosmos + Sparkles //// Suemo Dance: A Dance Experience

4pm- The Lucchesi Group -Two Rivers: A Family Drama

5:30pm- Project Non-Violence //// Renaissance Theaterworks– Lucky Numbers

7pm- C.S Dance Collective– Unspoken//// Maria Gillespie-Oni Dance, The Delicate Scrutiny of Invisible Narratives

8:30pm- Quasimondo Physical Theater– The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III

Todd Wehr Hall- Sunday, August 28

12pm- KACM Theatrical Productions

1:30pm- Kelsey Lee- Fruits of Paradox//// Dawn Springer Dance Projects

4pm- Thom Cauley– On The Spectrum, or Color by Number //// Kathryn Cesarz– Emily

6:30pm- Cadance Collective//// Hyperlocal

8pm- Theatre Gigante– Then and Now and Then

Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall – Saturday, August 27

12pm- Moved To Be //// Draves Dance Collective – Finding the Light //// Parallel and Fusion Dance Collective

2pm- All In Productions /// The Third Space

4pm- BOINK– Overflow

6:30pm- Cooperative Performance Milwaukee– ITopia

8pm- Tontine Ensemble ///// Nineteen Thirteen

Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall – Sunday, August 28

12pm- Imaginez Ensemblez– Take Flight: An Adventure in Cirque

2pm-Janus Theatre Company– Here Lies a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

4pm- Catey Ott Dance Collective– Celestial Wisdom on Earth

5:45pm- Bronzeville Arts Ensemble

8pm- Lake Arts Project– Imagery and Words //// Radermacher Dance Company– Nan

9:15pm- Angry Young Men- Full Frontal Puppetry

Gazebo Stage - Saturday, Aug. 27
Music Lineup:
2 p.m. LUXI
3 p.m. Zhivago
4 p.m. Mark Waldoch
5 p.m. THE DEMIX
6 p.m. Oh My Love
7 p.m. ZED KENZO
8 p.m. Foreign Goods featuring Abby Jeanne (Rebel Love)
9 p.m. Tigernite

Gazebo Stage- Sunday, Aug. 28
Music Line-up:
1 p.m. Seasaw
2 p.m. Ruth B8r Ginsburg
3 p.m. Lady Cannon
4 p.m. estates
5 p.m. Piles
6 p.m. Ugly Brothers
7 p.m. Platinum Boys
8 p.m. Light Music
9 p.m. Milo (Rapsmith)

Vogel Hall- Saturday, August 27

8 p.m. Tontine Ensemble

Roving Artists

Alice Wilson, Living Statue
KJ Prodigy
Ànjà Notànjà
Brew City Fire Brigade
Peter J Woods

Alice Wilson, Living Statue
Panadanza Dance Company
Salsabrosa Dance Studio
Susie Seidelman
Circle Arts
Ànjà Notànjà