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Jacob Metcalf / Twin Brother / King Courteen @ Cactus Club

  • Cactus Club 2496 South Wentworth Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53207 United States (map)

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Jacob Metcalf performs solo songs from his debut album Fjord, a record about splintered people living in a fractured age. “Metcalf’s solo debut is exquisite, its beauty both on the surface and further down — his reedy, emotive voice rests atop intricate instrumentation, full of flickering strings, plucked guitars and dry percussion — making songs like the gorgeous title track or Ein Berliner lodge firmly in the mind.” Preston Jones, Star Telegram

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Twin Brother makes a brilliant return after a year-long hiatus. "What does one do when faced with the exodus of relative youth and the sudden arrival of absolute, unadulterated adulthood? Swallow the anchor. Twin Brother’s unfiltered opus to adolescence, Swallow The Anchor, finds the trio delving into some dark, unfortunately identifiable, and garishly gorgeous caverns of an understated passage we’ve all taken, will take, or—as is thrust to the forefront on the nine-song effort—are currently traversing. From the long opening violin caresses of 'Shallow Mission' to the uproarious pleas in 'Heart And Soul,' and singer Sean Raasch’s sullen lyrical resignation of 'So stand up straight before your head hits the ground / Too little too late / You’re an old man now' in parting shot 'Stand Up Straight,' Swallow The Anchor is an altogether well-thought and delicately devastating recognition of, outmatched fight against, and reluctant acceptance of departing youth. At least there’s pretty music on the way to a place none of us want to go." Tyler MaasMilwaukee Record

King Courteen "Michael Gerlach builds beautiful things from nothing. As a woodworker, he transforms razed relics from Milwaukee’s industrial past into things like furniture and visual art, and as King Courteen, the 22-year-old Riverwest singer-songwriter constructs folk renderings known to captivate audiences using little more than the raw material of an acoustic guitar and his re-purposed choral background." Tyler Maas, Milwaukee Record

Cactus Club
2496 S Wentworth Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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(414) 897-0663