Tailored by Toasted

by: Ali Shana

Milwaukee-based clothing brand Toasted Supply has slowly made their way into the city’s hip-hop culture. The brand, run by three teenagers, regularly posts new music from Milwaukee artists on their website. The Toasted Supply is constantly exposing artists. Moreover, there is a cohesive sound in all the creatives they promote. By showing potential customers a select music taste and clothing style, Toasted Supply has created their own aesthetic. The founders of the brand are Jake Doro, age 17, and Jeremy Przybyla, age 18. Recently, Peter Marino has joined the Toasted team as well. The trio say their brand’s hustle is fueled simply by the passion of designing clothes. Doro and Przybyla sat down and gave us the scoop on their origins, current news, and future plans.

According to Doro, Toasted Supply is a better executed version of their first attempt at making clothes. “We had this brand and we released one shirt...we weren’t really fucking with it too hard. We rebranded about six months ago as Toasted as an opportunity to do it all the right way and here we are.”

Doro elaborated on what Toasted has become since then, “We’ve been into clothes for two years now. Once we made Toasted, we started discovering a lot of cool smaller brands. We saw what they were doing and it just motivated us to keep pushing forward.”

Toasted Supply have three T-Shirt designs, which include the cig tee, Toasted Supply logo tee, and the team’s favorite, the pink gun tee. The brand recently released their Late Autumn 2015 collection. “We made windbreakers with the ‘Digital T’ logo,” Doro explained, “It’s the same font as our digital tee. They say ‘Toasted Supply’ on the back in an arch. We also have a navy blue hoodie with ‘Toasted’ on the front in white text.” These designs are less animated than the brand’s initial three shirt designs. “Basically, with the collection we focused on getting our name out there rather than pushing complex designs,” says Doro.

Toasted Supply has a few a Milwaukee artists modeling their products. By being the medium of exposure for many artists, the team has developed some equally beneficial relationships. “The people we’ve become the closest with are Bankx, Wave Chapelle, Satori, Maajei, SHAM, Cheapskate, and Lean Beatz. Everyone’s out there killing it. We just want to put the whole city on because everyone is working hard and we feel apart of the movement,” says Przybyla. “The city was quiet for a while and now everything is booming.”

He added, “We want to act on as many creative ideas as possible, so we don’t necessarily label ourselves as strictly streetwear.” The team noted brands like Supreme, Palace, Bronze, Fuck The Population, Burma, and Dime as some of their major influences.

The trio is already looking ahead toward future releases. Przybyla mentioned their plans for the upcoming winter collection. “The Winter 2015 collection will consist of a crew neck, some socks, and a few other items we are still discussing.” Be on the lookout for the drop, as well as their campaigns and music coverage.