Oozing Wound - Riverwest Public House 10/13/16

by: Quinn Cory

Chicago-based thrash group Oozing Wound's new record "Whatever Forever" releases this Friday, October 14th via Thrill Jockey. On Thursday, the dudes will be in Milwaukee, playing with Milwaukee's Platinum Boys, Chicago-based The Christmas Bride, and Milwaukee-based Power Wagon. From some of the track titles on this new album, we expect the same subversive, nihilistic hilarity and apathy from this outfit. Laced with political narrative and elements found in early 90's sludge culture, "Whatever Forever" is bound to bring the same sludgy and scuzzy stylings that fans expect, with some slightly more polished production. The album was recorded in four days, their longest recording session to date, at Minball Studios in Chicago, IL. 

Recently, we were able to get a few words from some of the members. With Milwaukee-native Casey Marnocha now drumming in the band, Zach Weil and Kevin Cribbin compared the local Midwest scenes. We also spoke about their new album, Donald Trump, and the media they've been into lately.

image: Joe Martinez Jr.

image: Joe Martinez Jr.

What are some things fans can expect from the new release? What kind of inspiration was used for it?
Zach: I've been looking for some new Pagan gods to worship lately, the new gods just seem so blasé, it's like, whatever happened to human sacrifice, yah know?  But really just the same inspiration as always; hatred of humanity and the Chudley Dundersons of the world, refusal to accept reality, the desire to slay.  It's the magic ooze pudding that has served us so well.

Kevin: A rad soundtrack to your couch bong sessions.  Make sure you over toke. Over toking.

How did you get involved with your Milwaukee-based drummer? How has that transition been for the band?
Zach: Casey man used to play in a band called Catacombz that our band's Cacaw and Unmanned Ship would play with fairly regularly.  He was one of a couple people that had the ability to play our stuff and he is an electrical wizard so like, total upgrade.  He jumped in the deep end pretty fast too. His first show was in our practice space basement, his second show was a festival in Portugal.  He didn't die yet, so that seems positive.

What has changed about your approach to music and touring since you first started the group?
Zach: I dunno, it's like watching paint dry and recognizing that it has morphed from a liquid to a solid, only we're the paint and it's like, we're watching the watchers? It's all just natural growth and evolution, like it doesn't feel all that different to me than when we first started practicing.  I'm sure to an outsider it's an easy progression to see, but it just feels like the next day.

What have you noticed that's changed about your local music scene? How would you describe it?
Zach: Meh.  Chicago ebbs and flows and right now it feels like an ebb.  Way too much bullshit, way too much garage rock, too many of the same bands playing the same shows over and over again.  When there is a good band in Chicago there is this tendency to overbook the shit out of them.  So bands get squeezed onto like 4 or 5 shows in two months and all the sudden they're old news.  Just say no to shows!

Kevin: It's a constant weird river of rock and what not.  Gone are the days of big warehouse type diy spots like Mortville and The Mopery.  Nowadays there are a slew of small basements and odd tiny spots all over the city breeding strange tunes.  Too much garage rock for sure.

What are your thoughts on the recent Carbon Dioxide milestone?
Zach: It makes me want to die, which is apparently exactly what is going to happen.  I found this shit maddening when I was a teenager and people were voting for Bush who perpetuated that climate change was fucking fake.  I lost my shit when Gore lost in 2000, and honestly I've never had much faith in humanity since.  They told us this was going to happen, and now it has and we're fucked. So, like what the fuck does anything matter.

I saw you guys recently spoke about Donald Trump to Noisy. Regarding the current findings, further unveiling of his character. Do you have any more thoughts you'd want our viewers to know about your thoughts on Trump?
Zach: Yeah sure. He makes me want to fucking kill myself and chop off all the dicks in the universe.  I know people who have been raped, assaulted, all that fucking disgusting shit.  I fume with so much anger over all the insane bullshit the women in my life have to put up with and in a lot of ways it makes me hate that I am a man.  The fact that last night's debate is the tenor of our political landscape and the goddamn outline of what is OK to say in public/private/in your own fucking head...I have no words.  I am eternally depressed from this, I want to hurt people because of this.  I used to think the silver lining to Trump was that it easily labelled all the pieces of shit who are racist/sexist/homophobic etc etc, but now I am terrified at their ranks.  This country should be bombed out of existence. We are all guilty because of him and fuck you if you have even an iota of respect for the guy. 

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?
Zach: Mostly ABBA and the Everly Brothers, and no I'm not joking.  That's been rounded out with KISS and a band I had somehow missed called Creme Soda that a friend of mine just turned me on to.  Also Beach Boys.

Kevin: Bootleg remastering of the first three Metallica records and Morrison Motel.

Have you been reading anything? Books?
Zach: I've been too anxious to concentrate on reading lately, mostly just trying to get back through the Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy; I think it's my 4th time through the series?  Fucking best.

Kevin:Family of secrets by Russ Baker.  It's a deep and dark, borderline schizoid look into the CIA connection to the Bush dynasty.  Poppy Bush helped assassinate JFK!!! I'm also reading Puke Force by Brian Chippendale.

Are you all dressing up for Halloween?
Zach: I never remember to think of anything.

Kevin: Who knows!? I always seem to grab a dollar store mask last minute style when everything is slim pickings and the shit no one wants is strewn all over the isle.  The trick is to turn the cheep latex mask inside out.  Everything looks better inside out!

What are your thoughts on Milwaukee, the music scene here?
Zach: I don't really know too much about it other than that Platinum Boys are the greatest fucking rock band on Earth right now.

Kevin: Rad bands and rad peeps with rad vibes. Rio Turbo, Dogs in Ecstasy, P Boys, etc.

Are you guys hyped for the show this Thursday at the Public House?
Zach: It's at a place!  That place is the Riverwest Public House!  We're playing with some bands!  Those bands are Platinum Boys!  Christmas Bride! (Featuring Chip Hamlett, star of our recent music video for "Diver"), Power Wagon!  WE DON'T GET EXCITED.

Kevin: Beyond stoked for this show! 

Doors at 8p, $7, 21+. See you there, Milwaukee!