A Work in Progress: The Breakfast Composer

Words by Evan Froiland

I first discovered Mic Kellogg last March through his feature on WebsterX's 'Cream City', before getting a later tease of his work, again via WebsterX, with his production on 'Lately'. Lately was released just days after Kellogg released his first song ever, 'Breakfast (Intro)', but it wasn't until his September release of the 'Breakfast LP' that he caught my attention.

Breakfast was almost solely a self-creation, Kellogg having produced the LP in addition to his vocals, and it's the first music of any kind he's ever released. It has a cohesive, refined feel that would lead you to believe otherwise, intricate and ever-changing in its sound, really never stopping at just looping a beat and calling it a day. As you will see in 'A Work in Progress: The Breakfast Composer', it is no coincidence that Breakfast has a refined sound. Kellogg honed his craft for years before ever releasing anything. 

'A Work in Progress: The Breakfast Composer' is a film by 16-year-old filmmaker Tyler Pelzek, and a follow-up to his 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival-featured 'A Work in Progress: The Painter'. Since then, his October film 'Solace' earned him a TMJ4 appearance. The Breakfast Composer is the first of many collaborations to come between Pelzek and Explain, with his shared goal to tell the story of Milwaukee artists through film. 

When I initially discussed the idea of getting into documentaries revolving around local artists with Pelzek, it was a no brainer who to cover first. It's a weird place to be in, constantly listening to someone's music and feeling like you have a connection with them but not knowing much of their narrative. That's how I felt about Mic Kellogg, and not for lack of trying. As a new artist on a small scale, there simply wasn't too much to be found. Kellogg is not unique in this sense and I hope to help close this gap for as many artists as possible.  

Without further ado, enjoy 'A Work in Progress: The Breakfast Composer'.