The Explain Podcast: EP 05 - The Public Garden

by: Ali Shana & Sahan Jayasuriya

To say that there's a shortage of DIY venues in Wisconsin would be an understatement; houses and other spaces that host all ages events have been far from plentiful in the last few years and turning one's living space into a makeshift venue is a massive responsibility. Anyone who chooses to do so accepts the countless risks, driven by their love of sharing art and music with a community.

Josh Redcloud  &  Naquan , founders of The Public Garden

Josh Redcloud & Naquan, founders of The Public Garden

The Public Garden is a brand new all ages DIY venue in Kenosha that hosts live music and art shows. They also write and share articles highlighting various local artists from the midwest. Explain's Ali Shana sat down with the venue's founders Josh Redcloud and Naquan (better known as Nams Homeless) to talk about starting the venue, future events and more.

This episode of the Explain Podcast was hosted by Ali Shana, engineered by Sahan Jayasuriya , mixed by Tim Baltes and features the track "Vein" by Nams Homeless.

For more information on the venue and its events, visit the Public Garden via their many outlets: