S.al - Midwest Tour (COMING UP!)

Milwaukee lost some of it's heavy hitters in the underground hip hop scene in 2017; Milo and S.al made their way to Biddeford, Maine to settle into a new life. Although Milo has moved around throughout his childhood and adult life, S.al has generally stuck around in the Midwest, aside from a couple short stints in L.A. and so forth. After a few months of honing in, the duo revealed their plans of upstarting a record store in the quaint yet thriving town.

SoulFolks Records and Tapes had their official opening last month on April 4th, 2018. S.al commented, "My head is spinning and smiling. It is a living, breathing museum of Rap and Rap's forebears. It is a salon-- a place for fitting ideas to you like clothes, and clothes to you like ideas."

The good news for us is that S.al will be returning to us this week and there will be a decent amount of opportunities to catch him playing out. With the success of their new salon, S.al comes home with a new sense of inspiration and meaning. 

"Coming back home.. I feel the whiplash of [Soulfolks] vibrancy. On the grand opening, we were fortunate enough to host a lot of close friends .. and you could see it on their faces...well-- they said as much too no one wanted to leave. It IS hard to leave, and that's precisely what I'm feeling now." 

The group is now preparing the space to accommodate guests, so folks can come through and visit. Back out east, S.al has been building: beds, coffee nooks and taking note of the details, such as "buying color coordinated bathroom towels, the necessities of a getaway/retreat - the small comforts, feels like the advent of a renaissance". 

Needless to say, it's heartwarming to see homies from this neck of the woods really making it happen. In my previous interviews with S.al, it has always been obvious that he breathes his art and has created space for himself, as well as his group of friends, to live their truth and challenge the notion of freedom in our modern world. 

As such, if you know what's good for you: if you're really feeling this spring-weather, and could use a little inspiration...or if you're simply looking to vibe out with some familiar rap daddys, make an effort and go to a S.al show this week. It will be really good for you, we promise.