Explain Exclusive: Lil Aaron Japan - From Houston to MKE, Lifestyle & Fashion

by: Ali Shana

Only picking up music 4 months ago, Lil Aaron Japan already has a three hits under his belt. His songs 'Digi Dash', 'Still Ballin' and his latest track 'Fashion' all showcase Japan's love for melodies over slapping 808s. Unlike most emcees, however, Japan releases his music on his brother Twan Harris's SoundCloud account.

Lil Aaron Japan | Photo by Twan Harris

Lil Aaron Japan | Photo by Twan Harris

I spoke to the upcoming singer/rapper over the phone to see what all the buzz was about. To my surprise, Japan is only 19 years old and approaches his music in a very carefree manner. "I used to rap along to songs and freestyle in the car," said Japan. "So one day I figured why not and started recording."

When I asked the lyricist if he had any preferences about what beats he likes to sing over, he gave me an answer that helped me understand his carefree approach to music even further.

"Honestly, I don't know what kinda beats I like. I don't look for certain types of beats - its just a feeling. Only requirement is that I feel the instrumental."

Japan was born in Milwaukee and raised in Houston, where him and brother currently reside. Japan is currently working on a project and accompanying visuals. The artist cites his biggest influences as Future and Chief Keef. 

Outside of musical influences though, Japan says his homies - most of which make music themselves - are an influence on his lifestyle. Although this collective of artists Japan is apart of don't all make the same type of hip hop, they all seem to share this carefree lifestyle. The group contains individuals from both Milwaukee and Houston, including MKE's riQothemenace & MMG Haulin, and H-Town's Almighty Drell, NoLimitDino, 187 Jaccboy and B. Val.

Japan's presentation of his music, both visually and sonically, is yet another carefree facet of who he is. Tracks like 'Digi Dash' (sampling the guitar from Chingy's '1 call away') as well as his other two tracks includes coverart of the creative dressed in high end clothes. All three tracks feature fun, glossy and quite frankly druggy-like production.  

In conclusion, Japan's music is all about his carefree lifestyle and fashion. His music talks about getting high with his friends and looking fresh. It's safe to assume that looking fresh means a great deal to Japan because during our conversation, he described fashion as a form of self expression equivalent to self expression in music. 

The latest track 'Fashion' is bright, hazy and just in time for summer. Stream the track below and if you like what you here, be sure follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram for updates on his debut project & visuals to come.