Explain Exclusive: A Look Into The Young & Aggressive Emcee 187 Jaccboy

By: Ali Shana

Posting his debut track only 2 months ago, 17 year old Dallas rapper 187 Jaccboy is already gaining a relatively large buzz on the internet. Thanks to our last interview with Houston artist Lil Aaron JAPAN, I was able to interview Jaccboy and discuss his motives behind making music, influences and plans for the future. 

187 Jaccboy

187 Jaccboy

Like fellow 19 year old Texas rapper Japan, Jaccboy has only recently decided to start taking his music seriously. Jaccboy says he was free-styling for fun from a young age when his friends encouraged him to take it a step further. "I'm seeing people who can't even rap go at it," said Jaccboy. "And then I got people telling me I can rap. So I did - that's really why I started."

Unlike Japan, however, the four releases on Jaccboy's SoundCloud are much more aggressive, from lyrical content and delivery to the instrumental itself. This newer aggressive Texas sound is associated today by many with the viral rapper sensation Tay-K. Jaccboy personally doesn't feel his music sounds like Tay-K's, but respects the emcee. "Free Tay-K. He'll be home soon," said Jaccboy. 

Of the four energetic songs Jaccboy has out, his latest track 'OPP $H!T' featuring LOVESINS dropped less than a month ago and already has over 4,500 plays. His track 'Fade Away' also includes a feature by Lingo. Jaccboy says LOVESINS, Lingo and a few other individuals are apart of the 187 set.

LOVESINS, Lingo, and Japan are all confirmed features on Jaccboy's upcoming mixtape 'Rookie Of The Year'. The lyricist says this project will showcase him experimenting with some more melodic approaches, similar to those found in Japan's music. Jaccboy cites his influences as Soulja Boy, Chief Keef and Future, and says the way he raps is based on the beat's vibe.

"If someone I don't know is listening to my music, then I know it's good," said Jaccboy.

The Texas hip-hop scene has come a long way from DJ Screw, Slim Thug and 'slab' music. Make sure to pay attention the many new jacks of the South like 187 Jaccboy and his brothers. Stream the track 'OPP $H!T' featuring LOVESINS below.