Hear Here Presents: Soul Low


Hear Here is a new Milwaukee-based project started by Ryan Holman, "a music video series where we decorate a space with our style, bring in musicians of all types, film them with some sharp ass cameras and record them with the highest quality sound and then share it around the interweb". Within a month, Hear Here, in coherence with Hear Ye, a place for music sharing, has presented Dream Attics, Selfish Skin, and Oh My Love

Today, Hear Here presents indie-rock band Soul Low, who recently spent a weekend in Chicago recording their second full length project. The record is scheduled to release sometime in 2016. Quite the treat this is, as the Soul Low boys decided to play some of the new jams. The first song, 'Every Nite' is from their Sweet Pea EP, released earlier this year. The second two, Tied in Knots and Frienemies, are the first two tracks from their upcoming record. Listen now so that you can be the cool guy at their shows who knows the words to unreleased songs. 

Stay tuned to Soul Low for new music. 

And of course, stay tuned to Hear Here for more dope videos like this one. You can expect to see Foreign Goods, Siren, Lorde Fredd33 and more in the future.