KING - Hey (Extended Mix)

KING, the Los Angeles based trio, recently released an extended mix version of their single 'Hey'. The group is making waves with their soulful and organic approach to modern R&B. Band members, Paris and Amber Strother, were raised in Minneapolis. There, they cultivated their musical crafts before leaving the nest and parting ways to their respected new cities, Chicago and Boston.

Somewhere in the mix, the sisters encountered LA native Anita Bias. A handful of conversations and feeling out of each other, the trio immediately vibed and began creating together. The blending of voices, paired with a shared appreciation of incorporating individual styles into the classic R&B sound, has proven quite successful for the group.

The group acquired recognition from many industry heavy hitters such as Prince, ?uestlove, Erykah Badu, and Foreign Exchange. KING promotes positivity, female empowerment, eternal love, and modest intellectualism. The soul community has flocked to them, bathing in their powerful beam of light.

'Hey (Extended Mix)' is an intoxicating and euphoric track, highlighted with sweet harmonies and magnetizing qualities.  The group has established a strong impression in their music communities throughout recent years. As they prepare for their first national tour, be on the look out of for them in a city near you.