Sofar Sounds 9/10/15 - Foreign Goods, Lorde Fredd33, Siren

These past two weeks have a seen of trio of video premieres from Sofar Milwaukee, all from the same night of music this past September. Foreign Goods, Siren, Lorde Fredd33, and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades all played in a beautiful Riverwest home, the latter of which it's unclear whether there will be a video for or not. Nonetheless, they played a set full of energy and charm, including an unforgettable acapella song that got faster and faster throughout. 

The first video to premiere was that of Foreign Goods.

They cover Shiki no Uta, a song originally sung in Japanese and part of the soundtrack for the anime series 'Samurai Champloo'. It's truly the first real piece of music they have 'released' on the internet. It's easy to see why that may be from the video - aside from being a relatively new band, they are heavily jam-influenced: the type of music that would be difficult to do the same justice recorded as is done live. So, enjoy these vibes and definitely pay attention for your next opportunity for real life Foreign Goods vibes.  

The next video to premiere was from Lorde Fredd33. 

The Lorde played mostly unreleased music, which you can expect to hear on his upcoming project Hexagrams of Encouragement. This includes 'Sunsetty Betty', which Fredd33 had the whole room singing along with despite it being new. It has a more laid back feel than in-your-face tracks like Bango or FOMF, another unreleased track decidedly in, or perhaps out, of your face (Fuck Out My Face). I say Fredd33 has got it. 

And today, Siren's video premiered. 

Beyond poking fun at Jay Anderson, Siren played a fantastic set. It was a full acoustic set, something she had admittedly not done in a while, but worked quite well. More simple backing allowed for her to really flaunt her stunning vocals. Queen Medusa was particularly moving.