PREMIERE: Soul Low - Every Nite + I Wanna Die (B sides)

Soul Low is yet another Milwaukee success for 2015, releasing their 'Sweet Pea EP' and going on a national tour. Their EP was released on cassette (and recently re-released, buy one!) with the back side full of demos. Now, they've taken a couple of those demos and given you a studio version. 

'I Wanna Die' is one of the demos we decided to include on the B-side of Sweet Pea. We performed the song throughout the summer and fall to great reception, which prompted us to release a live video in August, and now, a studio version of the song. 'I Wanna Die' wrestles with anxiety, loneliness and a possible porn addiction (you be the judge). The two songs are available for immediate download with the purchase of our newly pressed Sweet Pea tapes. 

There is much more to come from Soul Low in 2016.