Lex Allen - Cream and Sugar (Ft. WebsterX) - Prod. Q The Sun

Lex Allen has presented a wonderful treasure upon us this Friday morning: 'Cream and Sugar (Ft. WebsterX).

The video consists of two main scenes. The first of which depicts a dream-like realm, characterized by flirtation and candor among an array of daybreak playmates. 'Cream and Sugar' focuses on the duality of personality and sexuality. In this visual, Lex Allen illustrates a refreshing sexual fluidity.

The second part of the video focuses on the darker side of life and identity with themes of death and sin.  'Cream and Sugar' offers the balance of light and dark, stating the complexity of sexuality and the self. Allen explained the purpose of this video to Impose, "I'm hoping people will see themselves in it and see the restrictions that they put on themselves and the world...for the show of the world really. And I want to put on a show of me. That's my biggest statement of the year-showing truly me".  This single will be a part of a greater project, scheduled to be released later this year. We look forward to hearing more from this inspiring talent. 

Without further ado, pour yourself some cream and sugar and watch below.