Mexican Knives - Killer Snake

The five piece Detroit-based outfit released their first self-titled full length album this past May. Mexican Knives can be described as having a “surf-goth” sound with punk and alternative rock influences. Ruth the Truth shines as the groups front person. Mexican Knives have acquired a considerable fan base in their respective hometown and beyond. 

‘Killer Snake’ stands out on the LP as a dynamic track with quirky lyricism. The band offers a deliberate and stripped-down sound, accentuated with high energy drums, fuzzy guitar, and moments of musical chaos. ‘Killer Snake’ will satisfy any surf punk fan’s fixation. Check out the accompanying visual below. 

Mexican Knives will be making their way to Milwaukee to perform in the highly anticipated Riverwest FemFest. Make sure to catch their set at Company brewing, 10:30p on Saturday, January 23rd