Ar Wesley - Time is MillMatic

Milwaukee MC Ar Wesley dropped his 'Time is MillMatic' EP last week. It's a three song conceptual journey featuring the likes of fellow MC's Von Alexander and Reggie Bonds, with production from Mike Regal and Hakeem Paragon. As the SoundCloud description puts it, "through both music and meticulous (skit) placement, 'TimeisMillMatic' is the day in the life of unfortunate youth whose decisions (though made out of desperation) have deadly repercussions."

Wesley elaborated, "The concept of the EP is like the day in the life of Milwaukee's youth. It's what I've been seeing going on in my city a lot lately and I wanted to tell a short version of a story that will be extended throughout the year. Growing up in Milwaukee myself inspired it. I wanted to send a clear message that the streets can be fun with tracks like "Here iGo", the streets can be violent with tracks like "Dead Prez", and at the end of the day there are no real happy endings within the streets which is why you should try to uplift your communities. I wanted to create more than music, I wanted to create feelings... the same feelings you get when you watch a good movie, which is where the skits come in, to add to the experience as well as to explain the cover. The short version of a answer would be the concept is Millwaukee. Inspired by the youth. And I sonically created a story to be continued..."

Aside from creating a story sonically, this project is just simply sonically pleasing. Give it a listen and stay tuned as the story of 'Time is MillMatic' continues to unfold.