PREMIERE: Fivy - Dreamscape

Milwaukee-based Fivy comes to us with a new EP entitled "Dreamscape" today. This EP is a change of pace from previous projects we've seen from the R&B artist. "Dreamscape" hones in on the voice and craft of Fivy and Fivy alone - there are no features on this album. More over, there is a transition of production. "Dreamscape" is uniquely influenced by dream pop and jazz, with a soft haziness  felt throughout the entire album. Yet, there is plenty of lyrical soulful flow on the tracks but it appears that has stepped away from 808 and break beats for now. 

Overall, this album is a refreshing change of pace from the young musician. Fivy has been diligent with continually releasing new and quality material, an important trait in the genre. Needless to say, she's got our attention and we are definitely impressed. Recently we were able to get a few words from Fivy about the new album and an update on where she's been focusing her energy. Read the exclusive interview and listen to the entrancing "Dreamscape" premiere below. 

What is different between this EP and the other works you've put out?

This EP is the first body of work I will have ever released.. so I guess that's a big difference. Hmm, I feel like I've done a lot of collaborations and in contrast this EP contains no features. 

How did you think of the title?

"Dreamscape" came to me after I recorded "dream remnants". I've always been fascinated and heavily influenced by my own dream recollection so it always exudes into my music. I think it's the only term that could succinctly define my understanding of the project. 

What is your favorite track on this album? Why?

'Converse' is probably my favorite because of the sound production incorporated. (01:03 a.m.) has such an admiring selection of creations. I was able to chop up a few the sounds from the original instrumental he made and recreate it for the second part of the song too which was supaaa fun.

What was your lyrical process?

My lyrical process was pretty unconstrained for the most part I'd say. I sometimes have this habit of writing things and thinking new thoughts, then re-writing so "dream remnants" took some time to configure. I don't like forcing anything when it comes to writing so I just throw the headphones on and let whatever comes to me flow outward.

What has been inspiring you lately? What kind of things have been occupying your head space?

Life, love, and the quest for truth inspires me. The people in my life and the different ways we go about liberating ourselves is a thought that's been circulating my head space for some time.

What's in the mix for you lately? What kind of plans have you made for yourself?

Chakara Blu and I are having a double EP release party on the day of our releases, which I'm extremely excited about! I also have plans to venture out to Columbus, OH at the end of the month with R. Bravery for the Melanincholy music festival we're headlining. In addition, I've been working with Alex Heaton, a super talented, musician friend who plays just about every damn instrument. He's composing new material for my next project. 

There is a lot more jazziness to this record. Have you redirected your influences?

YES! haha The direction of my influence is constantly changing. I think what I've displayed up until now was on a more R&B tip but I listened to a lot of bossa nova jazz and Amy Winehouse in between making "dreamscape". I'm attracted to a lot of different styles of music and plan on creating through a lot different styles. 

What kind of stuff have you been listening to lately?

Lately I been kinda stuck on Mac Demarco, I was sleeping on him so I'm trying to catch up.. I listen to Pierre Umiliani pretty regularly.. Isaiah Rashad.. Hmm, King Krule cause it's that season.. Oh and I've had Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) in rotation a lot these past few weeks. 

Who is your favorite local musician right now?

Right now, I'd have to say Abby Jeanne is my favorite. I just saw her perform with her band for WMSE and was completely blown away. She's an incredible writer and producer and I'm pretty eager to hear and have a hard copy of her finished album next month. 

Listen to the entrancing album until the Release Party tonight, October 10, 2016 featuring Chakara Blu and Fivy's Lo-Fi Lounge double EP release.

Producers - (01:03 a.m.), tzyurash, and Solomon Caine
Mixed & Mastered - Fivy
Cover Art - Fivy