WebsterX - Blue Streak (Prod. Four Giants)

The man that is undeniably at the front of Milwaukee's growing hip-hop scene (and the scene overall) has signed a deal. WebsterX announced today that he's inked a distribution deal with the renowned Chicago-based independent hip-hop label Closed Sessions. The label is a team that has done remarkable work for artists for almost a decade. Most recently helping give major light to artists like Kweku Collins and Jamilia Woods. This deal will still allow him to own his masters and have full creative control, ostensibly leaving him an independent artist. 

This is a move that makes a lot of sense. It has long been apparent that Web is tight with the CS squad, with collaborations here and there and there as receipts. It's a natural next step for his career after a whole lot of success over the last couple years, doing things entirely with his own resources. It's the passing of a threshold.

Not only does this move make sense but it also helps makes sense of Web's past year for his fans. Especially with answering the question, "Where the work at?" Releases have been few and far between in the past 12 months, as his efforts have been more focused on promoting the scene around him. Particularly as one of the heads behind the FREESPACE project. It remains to be seen whether this deal means a move to Chicago but either way, it's inevitable that he'll be spending a lot less time in Milwaukee. Focusing time on building up his surroundings (as well as the announcement that an album is on the way) explains his lack of releases. This seems like leaving his city behind in the right way... even though he's not really leaving his city behind. 

And of course, we get a new single entitled 'Blue Streak' and produced by 'Four Giants', a seemingly new production project. We're unaware who, whom or what Four Giants is, but they definitely vibed well with WebsterX on this cut, creating a certain waviness and ambiance consistent with songs like 'Lately' and 'Kinfolk'. It's a heartfelt song per usual, seemingly about a period of depression that inspired him to be who he is, subject matter which he's spoken on in the past.

'Could have been a low, but I rose, yeah I'm right, now. All this shit is magic, I don't know, but I'm right, now.'

Stream below and get ready. For something. Just be ready.