New Boyz Club - What If I?

Soulfully charged and musically diverse, New Boyz Club commands the stage with a powerful sound that combines jazz, folk, soul and transparency. The 8 person ensemble consists of creatives from eclectic backgrounds that piece together their manifold allure. With electric guitars, drums, brass and various strings,  the troupe provides a lively and enveloping narrative to some rather direct and paramount issues. 'What If I', from the debut EP 'G l O R y g L o R y', showcases their vigor and multidimensional style. The uplifting track features old style harmonies with orchestrated accompaniments to create the festive piece. Heavily doused with jazz influences and minor folk elements this track symbolizes the cheeky lyricism and instrumental styling that define the group's aesthetic.

Be sure to catch them tonight tonight, Oct. 31, before their indefinite hiatus at Riverwest FemFest Halloween Ball at Company Brewing with Gauss, Hodari, Brat Sounds.