IshDARR - Broken Hearts & Bankrolls (LP)

If you're reading this, you probably know who IshDARR is. The 20-year-old Milwaukee rapper has been making major waves since his September 2014 release of 'THE BETTER LIFE EP'. We don't use major lightly. It means millions of plays on SoundCloud and Spotify. It means spending big chunks of time in LA and New York networking and playing shows.  It means touring across Europe. It means consistent spotlights and placements on Apple Music and Spotify. It means Kylie Jenner playing his song on her Snapchat. IshDARR obviously has a decent level of national (and international) attention and those who've been following him have long awaited the seemingly inevitable moment that he absolutely blows up. Perhaps this is it. 

'Broken Hearts & Bankrolls' is the sonic manifestation of what IshDARR's sound has evolved to be. It is something very refined and signature. It's hard to compare or call it anything. There is one term that Ish uses himself occasionally and seems to be an apt description - bounce. Despite the varying production on this project, there is a consistent vibe or 'bounce'. In terms of content, the title tells it all. It's a recounting of what being thrown into the limelight has meant for him. 

The 12-track-LP is IshDARR's third project, but his first in the last year and a half. The level of clout that he has going into this release makes it a whole different animal. An animal that might take the diversely talented, ever-growing, gradually budding Milwaukee rap scene and shove it in the face of the nation. For anyone who has anything invested in the scene, this release is a cause to unite. It's time to rally behind the kid from Messmer High School. This is a landmark moment. 

We beg you to support and share this project. It's available everywhere: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Google Play.