Lorde Fredd33 - BLOW (Prod. Different Note)

New Age Narcissism (NAN) have followed a path similar to that laid out by RZA for the Wu Tang Clan in the early 90s - introduce the collective as a whole while strategically growing the profiles of its members individually. Since the initial breakout of WebsterX in 2014, the group's focus has broadened to Lex Allen and Lorde Fredd33, both of whom have been releasing singles and EPs for the last two years. NAN's latest offering comes in the form of "BLOW", the brand new track from Lorde Fredd33.

Usually working with NAN production and composition mastermind Q the Sun, Fredd33 opted to work with producer Demario "Different Note" Cheeley for "BLOW". The result is a woozy and hypnotic track that recalls the drunken charm of Flying Lotus and J Dilla; nearing the edge of falling out of time without ever actually doing so. Clocking in at a mere 2:15, the song's staggered kicks, snares and hi hats swing along from measure to measure before shifting into double time in its last 30 seconds. Fredd33's rhymes pick up the pace as well, and while this could easily be its own track, Different Note and Fredd33 are able to meld the two together with seemingly effortless ease.

"BLOW" is the first single from what will be Fredd33's final album "33: The Execution".

While it is confirmed that this is the last album under the "Lorde Fredd33" moniker - we expect to see more from the musician in the future. His words on the second half of "BLOW" may reflect that: 

'A higher state of consciousness, I gotta be the hottest shit, I gotta get gone'

If "BLOW" is any indication of what we can expect Lorde Fredd33's upcoming full length, then we are certainly in for a treat. Stream it below.