Exotik & Cyrus Sha - Planet Exotik

by Ali Shana

Planet Exotik’ damn near emerged out of thin air. Emcee Exotik and producer Cyrus Sha teamed up to create an explosive-electronic track. The duo took no shortcuts on this first glimpse of what 2017 has in store.

“There were a lot of setbacks,” says Sha. “I started composing this type of music in 2016, but we’re done keeping it in the shadows.”

Exotik and Sha, also known as Parker Voller and Nima Cheraghi, met through Enterprise Films Executive Producer Eddie Curran. Sha had just left a former metal band when he met the lyricist.

“I started writing metal and rock music when I was 13. I was attracted to the angst of the music, but I wasn’t an angry guy,” says Sha. “I just loved the intensity.”

This passion for aggressive music is a key component in the Exotik-Sha recipe. As an experienced metal guitarist, Sha fused elements of eeriness and drops in his producing.

Sha’s fortunate decision to explore a new genre of music was inspired organically in college. “At every event I went to, I listened to the music that was playing. It’s powerful- this music makes people want to move, sing, dance!”

Cyrus Sha

Cyrus Sha

While Sha’s production is indisputably wild, Exotik’s lyrical delivery is what makes the track exotic.

Exotik’s influences aren’t too shocking for the 20 year-old; Dizzy Wright, J Cole, G-Eazy, just to name a few. But his respect for the OG rappers before him creates a competitiveness in his bars.

“It’s necessary to at least familiarize yourself with the founders of hip-hop,” says Exotik. “It should be homework.”

Having only three months experience of recording rap music, Exotik is building quite the resume. His debut release ‘Balance’ was heavy-hitting enough musically- then became a force to be reckoned with as a music video.



While the two artists hinted a duo mixtape eventually, they discreetly and confidently claimed 2017 as their year. Start the new year off with the club-esque ‘Planet Exotik’.