Lifetime Achievement Award - today hard, tomorrow hard

Jay Joslyn has had quite the year. His 52-song project, today hard, tomorrow hard, was completed this October, exactly one year from it's start date. The premise of the project was simple: write a song every week. But life is not as simple as it seems and accomplishing the feat took some serious commitment and devotion. Despite the unavoidable hurdles of life, Jay completed what he sought out to do and presented us with Lifetime Achievement Award. We were able to chat to Jay about the project and what's in store for the future. Stream the album below and catch them December 9 at BBC Grill (second floor).

Where did you get the idea to start Lifetime Achievement Award?

When I was in high school I saw 'into it over it' in Chicago, they did a similar project and I thought it was a great idea and wanted to try it myself some day.

How did you start the process? 

I started in October of 2015 while my other projects (MIGO, Brunch Palace, Ugly Brothers) were either splitting up or waiting on an album to be mixed. I kinda felt like I was being stagnant so I just went for it.

Did you intend for it to be a complete year? 

Primarily I wanted to work on my songwriting process and having a deadline made me work with what I had. I wanted to finish a year because it felt like a realistic and solid amount of time to catalogue.

What do the songs focus on?

The songs jump around but the main theme I kept coming back to is how difficult it is to go out and be social. For someone like me, it's hard to really put myself out there and be active in the music scene as an individual. There's this hazy line between friend and acquaintance that I have a tough time navigating, so I end up going home to make music instead.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I love 90's Lo-Fi and math rock and I fee like that translates into my songwriting.

Did you find it difficult to complete (remaining consistent, etc)?

Songwriting is something I've always constantly done, the main issue I would run into is actually completing work. This project made me release 'SOMETHING' in 7 days whether I felt it was complete or not.

Were there any obstacles/challenges? 

Working a full time job and gigging regularly definitely threw a few curve balls. There were a couple times I would be traveling for a week at a time so I would plan ahead and get two songs done to make up for it.

Do you plan to continue with LAA? 

I've been writing with Alex Shah and Grant Postier under LAA since finishing the project. We took 11 of the 52 songs, reworked them, and have recorded them in my friend Jake Beyer's basement in Waukesha. Hopefully we will have that finished early 2017.

Will it have the same premise?

I have been writing somewhat regularly but not on such a strict one song a week format. I hope to someday do the 52 again and challenge myself in new ways.


Stream the record below. Make sure to catch the group this Friday at G-Daddy's BBC to hear the tunes live. Music starts at 9p.