PREMIERE: J-Lamo - Elevators Freestyle

With a throwback beat and J-Lamo throwing down, we premiere 'Elevators Freestyle' by J-Lamo. This track is a part of the greater project 'Writer's Block', an EP scheduled to release soon. Collaborators of the project include Mammyth and Pizzle. The reminiscent beat of this freestyle sets the ground for a laid back flow, executed elegantly by Lamo.

He explained the process of this song's creation."I was vibing at the High House. I think when I write I kind of just tell my truths. It's almost like a confession. I try to have a clear understanding of who I am, at least when I wrote this. I can only tell my story, which is sometimes all over the place."

This freestyle is sincere and uncensored. Lamo continued, "I referenced my brother that has passed away. He inspires me throughout my whole music career. Life inspires me. Being from the small city of Milwaukee and my north side roots inspire me and make me wanna go harder."