Lorde Fredd33 - SOS (Prod. Q.The.Sun)

The combination of Lorde Fredd33 and Q.The.Sun returns with 'SOS' [Sent Off Shawty], Lorde Fredd33's first release in almost a year, following '33: The Education'. It's a well-crafted mix of strings and drums, with Fredd33 switching both between flows and subject material. Per usual, a provocative song, with commentary on subjects like government and guns (revolution!). A provocative SoundCloud caption comes with it: 

-is this the end of Lorde Fredd33?
stay tuned...
"Dead Man's View" 

We sure hope this isn't the end of Lorde Fredd33. Anyways, it looks as if his upcoming album has a release date. In the meantime, enjoy 'SOS'.