Mvleeek + Marcu$ - GAS

Mvleeek and Marcu$ released their first mix as a duo this past week, a cohesive string of bangers including the likes of Night Lovell's 'The Renegade Never Dies', Lil Yachty's '1Night' and Monte Booker & Smino's 'Kolors'. 

This is following KennyHoopla & Marcu$'s January release of 'S U P L E X', the first mix for both of them respectively. 

Left to Right: Mvleeek, KennyHoopla, Marcu$  Image:  Siren

Left to Right: Mvleeek, KennyHoopla, Marcu$

Image: Siren

Collectively, the three recently DJ'd BANKX's set at The Rave opening up for Skizzy Mars.

Mvleeek and KennyHoopla have been attaching the word 'soon' to a lot of their work recently. Mvleeek explained what it means to him.  

Soon is a word used to describe destruction that we are about to cause, worldwide. Kenny and I have been saying it kind of in the process of fulfilling certain goals we have. Sometimes we will talk about how crazy a show was or the experience we had and be like "soon", it's our turn to start grinding. 
Music is something I'm passionate about, currently I'm focusing on the music scene. These last few months I've been experimenting with creating many beats and trying to progress in production. When I say "soon", I mean taking over not just music, but art in general, such as fashion and photography. I personally have set goals I'm trying to accomplish in a certain order. All my life, I've been taking pictures and creating art with my camera. But now I feel it's time for a different chapter by expanding myself to become more unique in different fields, like music. After I'm more comfortable with making music, I will move on to fashion. 

In short, but not to take anything away from it, this mix is a teaser. Bang the fuck out of it, but just keep in mind... soon.