Daisy Chains - You Can Make It Up To Me

Minneapolis-based outfit Daisy Chains will be rolling through Milwaukee tonight to play at High Dive, in Riverwest. The three piece band put out their first official projects in the latter half of 2015. With the release of their most recent EP Above Board, the group has set off for their Midwest tour. Daisy Chains describe themselves as "a trio of elements brought together by destiny and sealed by fate. The Guns, E.A. Bambery, and Walker are lush fertile and infused with Real $hit- a refreshing sensuous tangle of taste and texture."

The third track on the recent EP 'You Can Make It Up to Me' is a slightly meandering, palatable tune. It is a call-back sound to the '90s alt coffee shop scene, paired with subtle elements of '60s surf in the background. It's a very tangible track which complements the EP's country folk, post punk style. The subject matter of the song is slightly melancholic. However, the song is driven by a carefree and 'matter-of-fact' aesthetic. Overall, this song shines with it's melodic psych folk quality.

Daisy Chains will be playing tonight with the local support of Bo Triplex and His Beautiful Band, as well as Kansas City-based Lil Toughies. The show is free and a guaranteed banger. Don't sleep on this one. Slide thru.