Appleseeds - 3 Track Preview

Today is International Women's Day. At Explain, we celebrate women by listening to and highlighting bad ass female musicians. If you don't already know this project, get to know them. Their self-titled debut was released in 2012. The band has steadily put out solid work and naturally developed a dedicated fan base.

After a needed hiatus from front person, Fly Steffens, The Appleseeds recently surprised us all with their resurgence, hosted by Riverwest Fem Fest. Check out this interview conducted by Milwaukee Record which elaborates on the group's break and new perspective.

Our local installment for International Women's Day brings us a 3 preview tracks from their new project, which was recorded last May.

We look forward to the new material from this Milwaukee-based psych punk outfit. For now, freak out and dance your ass off to these tunes.