Foreign Goods - Shiki No Uta (video)

This afternoon Hear Here Presents dropped the final installment of their Foreign Goods video series. The video features the track titled Shiki No Uta. The tune fits well into the Afro Jazz Fusion genre that the group is well known for executing.  Milwaukee-based outfit, Foreign Goods, is easily considered a super group among their local music scene. With members that are also involved with projects such as Klassik, Soul Low, New Age Narcissism, and Stomata, we see an enlivening performance from these well seasoned artists.

Hear Here Presents is a live recording project led by Ryan Holman. The organization has been steadily organizing and releasing visuals from their studio over the past few months. The organization is creating a name for itself by putting out hi-fi recordings coupled with a straightforward and 'uncut' aesthetic.

The video was done in one take. Anderson mentioned the low pressure attitude of the recording session and highlighted the opportunities Hear Here has created for local musicians. 

"What Ryan is doing is a very good thing. For a lot of artists, money is an obstacle for getting quality representation of their work. There is a lot of shitty music floating around just because someone paid for it, while you have breathtaking undiscovered music right down the street. The Hear Here team seem to have an ability to spot talent while providing them an excellent medium to get their music out. It was a pleasure to record with them."

Check out more Hear Here videos here and stay tuned for a healthy amount of Foreign Goods performances this summer. We have a feeling you will be seeing them at nearly every Milwaukee festival this upcoming season.