Sink Slow - Here Now, Gone Tomorrow

Producer, vocalist, and guitar playing solo act Sink Slow has applied his talents to multiple genres. The Milwaukee based artist, currently residing in Chicago, has made everything from hip-hop to pop to ambient. The track 'Here Now, Gone Tomorrow' off his self titled EP brings nostalgia of the 60s/70s era of psychedelic rock. On top of the song blending elements of lo-fi, shoegaze, and indie, it is also very well written. The first half of the song starts with just guitar and droned out vocals, similar to the vocal style of Chino Moreno of Deftones. As the song slowly becomes more layered and full of ambience, it reaches it's most hypnotic point right before the drums kick in. The song ends with a head nodding full band chorus, very classic-sounding and ballad-like. These days, the creative is more focused on leasing instrumentals and collaborating with other artists. Lose yourself to the blissful tunes of Sink Slow.