Mozaic and Zed Kenzo - Imitation Diamonds (Music Video)

The dim lit and lurking visuals for the song 'Imitation Diamonds' was released yesterday. Milwaukee artists Mozaic and Zed Kenzo team up over an Eclipse instrumental, along with director Alex Belville and pronounced videographer Wes Tank ...and some mysterious hooded extras. Zed Kenzo's harmonically layered melodies embellish the track with style and intricate delivery.

The ominous style is portrayed through eerie design, chaotic form, and bleak mediums that perfectly accompany the already mesmerizing sound. The coupling of the visual and track creates an esoteric and paranormal final product. While Eclipse's somber vision is an illustration to the song, both are more-than creditable as stand-alone works of art. 

Watch the video. Know these cats.