The Fatty Acids - Strangers

A Milwaukee rock favorite, The Fatty Acids' effervescent, psych rock sound has made them a vanguard in the usually dreary genre. Since their first release in 2010, The Fatties have maintained their upbeat impression and earnest lyrics. Heavily involved in the community, their presence is difficult to miss. With their latest single, released on the Arte Para Todos Festival compilation tape,  their fourth album is expected to "leak" fairly soon.

For now, 'Strangers' is a preview of what's to come. It starts with a drum track, quickly progressing into the familiar intricacies of the groups dynamics with heavy synth tones, fuzzy axes, and bright percussion, which ties everything together. Accompanied with classic psych-toned harmonies, this track is a wonderful example of their solidified sound and fun-loving energy. 

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