PREMIERE - 'Wise O'Sirius' - Stumblesome ft. Fivy


We are pleased to premiere a new single entitled 'Wise O'Sirius' by Stumblesome ft. Fivy. The track is a mystical trip through an intricatly coalescing of smooth vocals and otherworldly instrumentals. Propelled by grooves and break beats, this track is taken to another level with its finely crafted samples and heavy synth melodies. Fivy's vocals 'shine bright' as she confidently delivers the relaxed and poetic rhymes. 

'Stumblesome is a music project from Milwaukee artist Wesley Charles Tank (WC Tank). Though the project has taken several forms since its inception in 2003, Stumblesome's sound is generally rooted in sample-oriented, hip hop collage aesthetic, sometimes including rapped, sung or screamed vocals.' Before the premiere, we sat down with the collaborators to hear their take on the production and inspirations behind 'Wise O'Sirius'.'

image: Kipp Zavada 

image: Kipp Zavada 

If you're digging the different realm being created by this collaboration, make sure to catch this vibe live on June 23rd. Stumblesome will be curating a show at Riverwest Public House this Thursday, where you can catch both artists on the stage, along with Chakara Blu, TAJ, Abby Jeanne, and Curta (CO). Doors open at 8p. 

S: Lyrically all the credit goes to 'Fivy'. I gave her a beat and she was rapped to it.

Was it freestyle?

S: No she wrote it. She said she wasn’t going to write to it or do something laid back. 

So you gave her the beat ahead of time.

I recall her saying she was inspired to write to it. I’ve been making beats lately, as far as musically where I am is doing is not focusing vocally.

How did you go about writing the vocals on this track, Fivy?

F: I had a writing session after first listening to the track Stumblesome sent over and I planned on creating another croon tune. After listening to it a few more times, I decided to scrap the whole idea that I originally had to do something I wouldn't usually do. The inspiration for the song is merely a reflection of the production and the moods that it induced. As for the meaning of the song, I wanted to draw upon the relation I feel with celestial bodies and my zodiacal design. 

Production wise you go under Stumblesome then?

Stumblesome is a project, not a name of a person or a group, it’s a project, it’s an idea. It changes iterations of what it is. It’s different from WC Tank because I just make WC Tank as my own personal voice, as opposed to Stumblesome which is all of the other stuff, still kind of my voice. 

It’s more like my show name, when I am building a movie or something. When I rapping over others beats, that’s WC Tank. Stumble some is more of a fluid idea or sound. It’s more of an atmosphere. It’s a vibe. So that is my production monicker. If I do a Stumblesome song, I could sing on it. I’m not making rules for myself. Just giving myself guidelines for modes of where creativity can be placed and what directions it can follow. 

What would you say about the song as a final product. 

It sounds like a single. It fits into this record that’s name has been sort of changing. And there is this in between realm. This song is in the in-between realm. 

How is the show going to be?

It’s going to be interesting. I got a bunch of people who are doing stuff. Chakra Blu, TAJ, and Fivy. Curta is this band that’s coming from out of town that’s really cool. They are an indie rap act from Denver, CO. The idea of what I am doing isn’t specific. It’s in-between the bands, I’ll be playing some of my stuff but also play other records. It’s not going to be me playing a set per-say. I’m just kind of curating the evening. 


I’m not going to Emcee per say, there are connotations with that word. Rather, presenting. The performers are going to improvise with me a little bit before their sets. There won’t be stops or breaks between bands, it will be a continual flow. Should be a fun night.