Dylan Reed Gerding - Doug Funny

Dylan Reed Gerding is following in the styles of Mac Demarco with his surf psych sound. The St. Louis native recorded his recent compilation in his basement. The entirely instrumental album is adheres to a DIY-rock aesthetic. While the record doesn't shed light onto Dylan himself, the collection speaks for itself. The project is simple yet complex with prominent textures and stylized components.

'Doug Funny' is a short and sweet taster to the assortment. As a pop culture reference to the goofy cartoon character from the early 1990's, this song throws it back with a certain cheekiness attached. The upbeat swing beat is muffled with engulfing guitars and a consistent tempo. The hypnotic track is reminiscent of beach days and cheesy, all-too-bright 1960's music videos. It fits into today's growing modern psych beach vibe. For an easy summer listen on the beach or wherever; stream below.