stumblesome - alright let's go

Milwaukee-based Stumblesome brings us a new album designed to inspire exercise. Stumblesome is an alternative project created by local artist, Wes Tank. The lore associated with the monicker, Stumblesome, is elaborate and intricate. 'Mussel Memories Workout Challenge' ties into the narrative as a metaphorical clearing. Listen to Stumblesome to get the same satisfaction you'd acquire from sitting back and spinning a Captain Murphy record.

From the artist's bandcamp, the tale reads: "after the glacier melted, she opened her eyes and took a breather. she found herself nestled in a precarious position inside a giant mussel without the use of her voice and only memories for bones. when she washed ashore she was rushed to a nearby hopsital by a myterious demigod in white sunglasses and hair of dirty blond curls. after leaving her on the steps of the hospital he vanished without a trace. she lay in bed for six years and produced multipole albums worth of material, which will be realsed over the course of this year. she has spent the last year in rehab and this is the music she used to inspire her to work out. she insists that it will inspire others but i have my doubts. i've tried it myself and i can't keep myself from throwing up, but that be just because i'm so dang out of shape. it's goddamn embarrassing is what it is."

Stumblesome's material is ridden with complex puns and double meaning. Listen to "alright let's go" for an experimental whirlwind, heightened with cold sampling and production. This project is existential, exploring themes such as motivation and mental strength. The juxtaposition of instrumentals, coupled with sports-related samplings, creates an original and slightly unsettling depiction. Regardless, this track rightfully accentuates the universe being imagined by Tank. Stream below.