KennyHoopla - IDWNP (Prod. Marcu$)

KennyHoopla has popped up on Explain from time to time, whether we were crediting his photography or posting a DJ mix, but never for hopping on the mic. As far as we knew, that's because he doesn't, until yesterday. 

June 5, 11:12 AM - Kenny drops 'IDWNP', a song in which he raps and kinda sings even. A King Krule-sampling atmospheric beat provided by Marcu$ sets the tone for Kenny's genuinely impressive and heartfelt bars. Little more but a pressing of the play button needs to be done in order to understand how it's even remotely possible that it crushed 1,000 plays in under 12 hours. 

June 5, 11:41 PM (now, as I write this, and am speaking to Kenny) - 1,214 plays. 

What's going through your mind? 

"That I have something to add to my legacy when I die. I promised myself I would do something with the art of music before I turned 20 (which is in July). I always felt like I had some sort of vision for it but I never trusted it. My friends had been pushing me to drop it. I get anxiety about my art in general, idk. The fact that it got so much love helped me grow as a person within trusting my vision and myself. Art is what I really think I was born to create, it sucks because I'm not confident enough in myself but everyone showed me so much love. Idk. I literally recorded that yesterday and dropped it this morning."