Banditos - I Put A Spell On You

Covers are a tricky thing. Working with a song that has been covered countless times is even trickier. However, Nashville-based Banditos get to the gritty essence of Jazz man Jay Hawkins' classic. Adapted by greats like Nina Simone, Annie Lennox, Jeff Beck, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many more, the 1956 rock and roll staple has a soulful core and a simplistic rhythm that allows for the vocalist to take control and twist the sound to their style.

Banditos singer, Mary Beth Richardson, grabs it by the horns with her bewitching vocals that cut deep through the core. Accompanied with blues-meet-rock guitars, her powerhouse vocals are filled with a fierceness that's awe-inspiring and emotionally charged. Originally from Birmingham, their southern roots and deep soul are easy to hear in the entrancing rendition. Self-proclaimed as "honky tonk" rock and rollers, the track showcases their range and true to rock nature. With riffs pulled from Blue's inspired soul, the southern group provides an unique groove to the rock and roll classic.

Catch them this Wednesday at the Black Lips after party at Cactus Club. Until then, stream the cover and their new LP online.