New Boyz Club - Glory Glory, The Police State Will Fall

Milwaukee-based New Boyz Club recently released their first track on Bandcamp. The 8 piece glitter folk punk, gypsy jazz fusion outfit is fronted by local musician, Johanna Rose. This song was written after the 2014 unjust police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The song will be a part of a full-length project, scheduled to be released later this year. 'Glory Glory, The Police State Will Fall' was released prematurely in order to contribute to the voice of justice and peace direly needed in our country's present mourning state.

Accompanied by a twenty four person choir, the song offers a reminder of the unity and power of a community. The song starts out slow quickly transitioning with the lyrics "we want justice". The music then becomes fast paced with experimental jazz melodies, brass instruments and explosive drum fills. Overall, the song delivers a powerful and optimistic message that justice will be served against police brutality and the system will inevitably and eventually fall.

Front-woman, Johanna Rose, detailed the inspiration behind the song:

"This song is for every black life carelessly taken at the hands of the police, leaving their families and communities striving for justice they rarely see. This song is for all the women and men pulled over for driving while black and brown. This is for the young teenagers stopped while walking down the street, left hurt and confused when realizing they were halted because of the color of their skin.
This is for every rape victim who has had the strength to call for help, only to be re-traumatized and blamed for their assault by the responding officer. This is for every school, hospital, and home struck by an American drone and for every revolution the US has co-opted to serve it's own Imperial agenda.
This song is for every victim of a systemic, ruthless, and intolerant culture. The police state uses violence to oppress its people and fear to divide them. This will not be tolerated, because we are too strong. There is too much to love in each other and therefore too much to fight for. This song was initially inspired by the devastating tragedy in Ferguson and brought to fruition by the talented musicians of Milwaukee: Glory Glory - The Police State Will Fall."