Tombo - Sleepy Graffiti

Synesthesia blessed R&B artist Tombo released 'Sleepy Graffiti' yesterday. This track, being a follow up to his debut single 'Safe With Ya', is a warm tune to fall asleep to. 'Sleepy Graffiti' is planned to be on his upcoming EP 'PINKS'. Tombo says he associates the color pink with the feeling of being engulfed in bed. "When I'm writing my music, certain sounds resemble a color," says Tombo. The Lost Boys Collective member says he utilizes organic percussion to capture the texture of the color pink. The unique percussion patterns, many of which he records himself, are majorly influenced by the singer/producer Baths. Lyrically, Tombo is inspired by Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino, specifically Gambino's Kauai mixtape. "I want my music to be something you can fall asleep to, or drive to, or play during spring time." What makes this track especially interesting is the use of soundscapes and ambience buried within the mix. Take a minute out of your day to enjoy this homely glimpse of PINKS.