Rudy Cobb - Chris Farley (Prod. SLEEZY)

The young and versatile lyricist Rudy Cobb dropped his debut EP 'Chris Farley' 2 days ago. The project, produced entirely by SLEEZY and engineered by Mammyth, is named after the Wisconsinite comedian notorious for overdosing on cocaine and morphine. Conceptually, this unique blend of modern hip hop and emotionally texture-laced production couldn't be more accurately titled. These songs describe the ups and downs of drug usage, feelings that SNL star Chris Farley presumably also experienced. The second track '95' has a sample playing throughout the song, reading "drugs are bad for you". This song, along with several others, covers the difficult topic of things changing for the worse and falling victim to drug abuse.

However, it's tracks like 'Lingo (All Season Winterlude)', featuring All Season Winter Team members SHAM and SLEEZY. These tracks display Cobb's lyrical diversity. Cobb's verse, marked by an intense beat change and signature ad libs, shows no vulnerability what so ever. While the six tracks on this project differ dramatically in content, there is a constant psychedelia throughout the EP. The beats are very atmospheric, ranging from chillwave to EDM. The vocals are dripping with multiple effects, including autotune, reverb, and overdrive. This distorted singing style was majorly influenced by artists like Travis Scott and Kanye West, who debatably pioneered this sound.

Cobb also puts on upcoming artist Tilly Blue in the closing track 'Art Gallery (Tilly Blue's Outro)'. This song, also featuring SLEEZY's delicate singing, is one of the happier songs on the EP. The song is built on the sounds of organic instruments, including organ and exotic percussion. The chord progression is familiar and comforting, accompanied by Tilly's feel-good lyrics. After an entire listen, 'Tilly Blue's Outro' resolves the project's multiple messages and gives you a good idea on the message of the EP.

Listeners can expect a mixtape by All Season Winter Team, a multi genre project by SLEEZY, and more collaborations with Tilly Blue. All of these musical moments will continue to be engineered by Mammyth. At the moment, Tilly Blue only has two songs out, both featuring Cobb. Blue plans on honing his own style and eventually releasing solo and full length projects.