Bear In the Forest - Fickle Young Mind (EP)

19 year-old guitar player and vocalist Bear In the Forest has a unique style that is often put into the boxes of folk and singer/songwriter. Truly, Bear's style is much broader than any one box. This is clear on his first ever project, an EP entitled 'Fickle Young Mind', which released earlier this week. Influences from all across the musical spectrum are audible as Bear creates his own sound. The 'songwriter' notion is apt, with well-crafted song structures throughout, despite five of the EP's six tracks being at least 5 minutes long. 

In this introductory project, Bear does a great job of capturing the youth angst that he experiences himself and observes all around him. It definitely has us wanting more. 

Stream 'Fickle Young Mind' on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, or download it on Bandcamp. 

Additionally, catch Bear live in Madison, WI at High Noon Saloon with Lucien Parker, Bien Bien, and Son! on August 28th.