Kane - Bright Side Of Madness / The Influence

August 16, 2016: On his 18th birthday, Kane releases his second ever project - both coming in the span of just over a month, which makes us wonder if his Future-esque rate of work will continue. This takes nothing away from the quality of work: both 'The Influence' and Bright Side of Madness (BSOM)' offer a unique range of style of sound.

The Influence

Not the project that we were expecting to hear from Kane. After a slew of singles rapping over relatively traditional beats, Kane pulls something totally out of left field for his first ever project; a live band. 'The Influence' has a distinct feeling throughout created by guitars, basses, synths, real drums, and of course, Kane. He rides through the instrumentation with ease on this self-proclaimed 'Alternative Rock' album. 

Bright Side Of Madness

The project that we were expecting to hear from Kane; his debut full-length, produced entirely by LeanBeatz. Neither the production nor the raps can be undersold, and the play between the two is perfection. It's clear that these two have worked together a lot, and they've come up with something in order to mesmerize you. 

With two awesome and entirely differing projects released not a day past his 18th birthday, Kane is sitting pretty.