Two Birds - Sat. Nite Duets

Milwaukee-based Sat. Nite Duets are best known for their definitive slacker-rock sound. When the sextet recently released 'Two Birds', there was a moment of surprise.

The track features the group's softer side with folk influence, a smooth saxophone, angelic strings and gentle vocals. Incorporating a Jim James-meets-Chan Marshall approach, the mellow song has a dramatic... almost theatrical progression while remaining placid and airy. The combination of powerful, yet soothing instrumentals, and serene vocals create a tranquil vibe, no doubt.

When taking a close listen, the various components at play are pretty clear. The textures are complimentary to each other, resulting in 'Two Birds' unique aesthetic. Overall, the multitude of tones and influences inadvertently attributes to the final product - a mistakenly minimalistic hymn. 

Get ready for the full length 'Air Guitar' releasing on 9/16 via Father/Daughter records. Pre-order it here.