Solo - Mobley

Austin-based producer Mobley was recently on tour and stopped in Milwaukee for an impressive set. We were able to have a quick chat and learn more about the diverse artist. 

The multi-skilled producer uses an eclectic spread on stage - drums, synths, keys, guitar and more. He transitions between instruments, tempos, and beats seamlessly and effortlessly. Recording at home, he is a one man producer but usually has a band while on tour.

Mobley abruptly found himself going solo on this tour, "in the beginning of this tour - about three weeks ago - I found out that my drummer wasn't going to make it, so I bought a drum kit and learned how to play drums." 

The producer has a wide ranging background, working with creatives in hip hop, pop, country and more. It's evident in his own work, "my dad was a Marine so I grew up all over the place. As a result of that - and coming of age at a time when the internet was getting big and having access to all kinds of music - that's formative of me just having a diverse taste. I write all kinds of music."

'Swoon' is a fitting example of his layered works. With a heavy bass, soft percussion, and straight forward vocals, the simple pieces work together to form the darker toned track. The track is just one of many that showcase his diverse and eclectic sound. With a solidified foundation to his works, he also contributes strong visuals to accompany and compliment his work. Together, the producer creates a compelling and fun presence.