KennyHoopla (ft. Bray Costello) - WHERE DID YOU GO??// (Prod. DRK$PRK)

"I promised myself I would do something with the art of music before I turn 20 in July. I always felt like I had some sort of vision for it but I never trusted it."

This is a quote from KennyHoopla after dropping his first ever song in early June, IDWNP (which is now nearing 10K plays). He's been hard at work since then, really developing his own style that can be heard through 'IDWNP', July's 'iPhone 4', and now his new release, 'WHERE DID YOU GO??//". Kenny is making simply picking up music seem easy as he perfects the craft of making songs that have a distinct mood and feeling. The Madison artist almost constantly stays at a stylistic crossroads between rapping and singing. With a little vocal help from his friend and fellow Wisconsin artist Bray Costello, and production from DRK$PRK, 'WHERE DID YOU GO??//' is another great release as Kenny prepares to release an EP later this year.