CASTLEBEAT - Falling Forward

Josh Hwang released CASTLEBEAT, his self-titled album, this summer with Spirit Goth. Raw and completely self-produced, CASTLEBEAT recorded the entirety of the work in his bedroom without engineers, studio time or producers. Impressively, the solo compilation features transparent lo-fi and shoe-gaze styles reminiscent of soft 1980's dream pop. Straightforward beats, soft synths and uplifting guitar riffs provide an upbeat sound to Hwang's heavier vocal approach. 

Falling Forward, which has a cult classic Twin Peaks video accompaniment, plays off the shoe gaze-meets-dream-pop style with airy synths and upbeat crescendos. The muffled, low toned vocals counterbalance the poppy jam - as to not sway into pure pop territory. Hwang's novice production is anything but, really. Impressive, clean, and well-balance, CASTLEBEAT transports you to a dark pop, time warp oasis. Listen below.